Paths of Life

Some narrow paths through deep woods wind
Trees tower on each side
Like mighty giants, strong and tall,
Of many different kind.
I do remember, oh so well –
as kids, we roamed such woods –
Knew everything about those paths,
Their feel, their sound, their smell.
Those paths were calling us to find
What hid around the bend.
They promised us to keep us safe.
Whispered, “Come, rest your mind”
So many times I walked alone,
On those familiar paths.
Though times the paths felt dark and cold
They always led me home.
Now other paths are for my choice,
With trees lined on each side.
They, in the end, will lead home too
When I obey Christ’s voice.

12 Comments on “Paths of Life

  1. thanks, Patty, for stopping in… He does beckon and calls to us in so many different ways… so glad we get to share here … blessings to you, sister!


  2. I love this Heidi, I can just see you walking those paths and following His instructions. Keep on listening~ ~ Blessings ~


    • I went out to walk on those paths this morning – though it rained … oh how it rests my mind when I go there to find Him … His peace to you, friend!


  3. Beautiful, Heidi . ..thank you for reminding us of His leading in this life, that it’s His voice we are following. God bless you on your walk with Him today!


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